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TRX Suspension Training is an exercise system that will bring a whole new dimension to your workout! It can be customized for your body size and fitness level.

•   Using your own body weight against gravity, working out with the TRX builds strength, balance, core stability and flexibility.

•   A great tool for injury prevention or post injury rehabilitation.

•   Adjust the intensity of each exercise by using 5% to 100% of your body weight and by changing the incline of your body.

•   The TRX allows for greater range of motion than a traditional weight machine where you are seated and supported. With the TRX, your core muscles (pelvis, back, abs, chest) are engaged and involved in every exercise. You will become stronger in a truly functional way.

•   In addition to getting the obvious benefits of an effective workout – less body fat, more muscle definition and a beautiful shapely body – you’ll build functional strength. Activities like picking up your kids, pulling your suitcase off the baggage claim or balancing on an icy sidewalk will become easier. You will become stronger, more energized and more confident in your everyday life!

Don’t just work out longer – work out smarter!


Cut your workout time in half with TRX training. In a 50 minute class you get a complete cardio and strength workout in one!

Class Packages (Maximum of 4 people per class)

1 class – $20
5-Pack – $18/class ($90)
10-Pack – $15/class ($150)

* Non-members add $5 per class

*TRX packages are NON – REFUNDABLE. If unable to finish your sessions they may be transfered to someone else. You also have the option to change your trainer if you desire.