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Personal training is about moving forward. A personal trainer will guide you through workouts catered to your needs, motivate you to complete that last rep, and encourage you to reach a new level of physical fitness. TOGETHER WE WILL:

•   Assess current fitness level
•   Identify needs and goals & make a plan
•   Learn a customized workout program to meet those goals
•   Build a relationship for continued support & guidance


When you join a monthly or yearly program, you receive one complimentary Orientation Training Session, working one-on-one with a trainer to give you the guidance you need to get your fitness program started.




embark on a new path towards better health

Launch your fitness regime or get back on track with this incredible package. Understand what you are capable of and get help planning what you want to achieve.

  • 30 minute fitness evaluation

  • Body composition test

  • (1) 1-hour personal training session

  • (1) 45-minute PERSONAL training session


DISCOVER the next level

Reinvigorate your rote workouts or get the extra push you need to realize an ambitious milestone. Reap the benefits of challenging yourself as you never have before with routines precisely customized to your fitness aspirations.

  • Before and after fitness assessment

  • Body composition test

  • (1) 1-hour personal training session

  • (5) 30-minute personal training sessions


elevate your fitness goals

Set a goal you almost can't imagine, and then celebrate when you not only reach it - but surpass it. Witness astonishing changes in your body and overall health after working with a personal trainer and a nutritionist for over two months.

  • BEFORE and after fitness assessment

  • body composition test

  • personalized food and tailored exercise plans

  • (2) 1-hour nutrition sessions

  • (8) 30-minute nutrition sessions

  • (10) 30-minute personal training sessions