valentine’s open house



all classes are 1 hour unless otherwise noted.

Thursday, February 14th

6:00AM - Spin Lindsay
8:30AM - Yoga Flow Gretchen
8:30AM - Spin Lucia
9:30AM - Spark CC
10:30AM - Lite Cardio Kelly (30min)
10:30AM - TRX : Total Body : Co-ed : Small Group CC
11:00AM - 11:30AM Lite Core Balance Kelly (30min)
5:30PM - Step express Jillian (45min)
6:00PM - Spin- Advanced sign-up required. Callan
6:15PM - Flex Jillian (45min)
7:00PM - Zumba - Advanced sign-up required. Mauryn
8:00PM - Yin Yoga Bliss Shirronda

Friday, February 15th

6:00AM - HIITS and Core MacKenzie
8:30AM - Flex Mauryn
9:30AM - Zumba - Advanced sign-up required. Sylver
10:30AM - Nia Janice
6:45PM - Slow flow Yoga Evalyn

Saturday, February 16th

7:30AM - Yoga Sculpt Evalyn
8:30AM - Spin- Advanced sign-up required. Ellen
9:30AM - TRX : Core Intensive : Co-ed : Small Group CC
10:30AM - Jump and Jab CC (45min)
11:15AM - Power & Grace CC (45min)
12:00PM - Zumba - Advanced sign-up required. Kim