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We love our trainers and so will you! Each brings their own unique skill set and personality to the club, catering your workout to fit your goals. Together we will help you find the best trainer to support you and your personal path to well being.


Lucia Brown
Personal Trainer
Group Exercise, Spin, Pilates
and TRX Instructor


Mackenzie Hayman
Exercise Physiologist
Personal Trainer
Group Exercise Instructor


Kathleen Riley
Personal Trainer
Group Exercise and Pilates Reformer Instructor


CC Maher
Club Owner
Personal Trainer
Group Exercise, Pilates and TRX Instructor


"Exercise is about quality not just the quantity, 30 minutes of an intense workout is better than 60 minutes of a mind­less, easy one." 

Lucia has spent 13 years working in the fitness industry. She is a certified in the following programs: NASM Group Exer­cise Instructor, Reebox Cycle Instructor, ACSM Personal Trainer, and TRX Instructor. Lucia trains her clients how to maintain a concentrated body awareness throughout their sessions, so that each move can be performed with precision and intent. By coaching her clients to workout smarter rather than harder Lucia helps the to embrace an economy of move­ment that leads to an enduring strength and mobility. She will inspire you to be unafraid and trust yourself, helping you realize your, and go beyond, your fitness goals. Outside of the gym Lucia enjoys losing herself in a fantastic book or catching a great movie. If you're local to Brookline you have likely seen Lucia running and leaping over urban obstacles like a fleet-footed gazelle. 

Mackenzie Hayman | exercise physiologist, Personal Trainer & Instructor

MacKenzie Hayman is an exercise physiologist holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Simmons University. She’s also currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise and Orthopedic Rehabilitation. MacKenzie is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor through the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America. Her warm and encouraging approach coupled with her focus on anatomy and technique empowers her clients to gain control of their bodies and fitness routines. Through her training, MacKenzie’s primary goals are to help her clients understand why their bodies move the way they do and to teach them techniques that will ensure their safety and longevity in fitness. She specializes in helping her clients overcome physical and mental obstacles to grow stronger and redefine their relationship with exercise. Away from the gym, MacKenzie enjoys hiking, baking, and challenging her brain with puzzles.

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Kathleen Riley is a certified personal trainer, holding cre­dentials with both the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America as well as the American Council on Exercise. Her teaching style is both educational and empowering, fun and focused. She encourages her personal training clients to connect to the body they are working in that day - helping them to concentrate on what they can do, rather than their limitations. She also strives to go beyond cursory goals. Instead of putting stock into just dropping weight, she wants to help her clients work towards something more significant. Either lowering a more important number, like cholesterol or body mass index, or stunning old friends at a high school reunion. Beyond the gym Kathleen loves spending time with her family biking, skiing, or walking through the windy streets of a new city.